3rd Sunday Healing Service

Each month*, we offer a Healing Service because we know people face difficult times, and they need a community to help them bear up.

The Healing Service takes place on the 3rd Sunday of the month, September - November, and January-June.  In December we offer a Healing Service on the longest night of the year.  The Healing Service includes two special ministries to help support those in need: the Laying on of Hands, and the Annointing with Oil.


Laying on of Hands

This ministry, offered by lay members of our congregation, is a way for us to support one another, and lift one another up to God.  God is always available to us, and we can pray at any time, but sometimes it is very hard to pray ourselves.  That's why we offer the ministry of Laying on of Hands.  

During Communion, two lay members will be available in the Side Chapel.  They will ask what your prayer request is.  They will ask if they can lay their hands upon you, and if you say yes they will gently take your hand or lay their hand upon your shoulder.  They they will then lift up your prayer request before God, who cares for us and listens to our prayers.  

The reason why we "lay hands" on one another during these prayers is not because our hands have healing properties, nor does the Holy Spirit need our hands to work healing.  It is because we are human, and we respond powerfully to human touch.  Touch engages our whole bodies in the prayer, and helps the prayer to feel much less like some words someone else is saying, and much more like an expression of the deepest prayers of our hearts.

For more information about what kind of healing can come about through prayer and the Laying on of Hands, see the link below.


Annointing with Oil

This ministry is offered by the Priest at the end of the service, using the Oil of Annointing consecrated by the Bishop of Calgary.  Because the Bishop has consecrated this oil, it is a powerful symbol of the prayers of the whole Church.  We come before God, not an isolated and lonely creature, but as a member of the Body of Christ, upheld by the prayers of the whole Church and all who care for us.  Just as Communion can seem ordinary one day, and powerfully transformative another day, so the Oil of Annointing, too, can sometimes bring us a powerfully transformative experience of God's presence in our lives, holding us up, and walking alongside us, even through our most difficult times.


All are welcome to come forward to receive the Laying on of Hands and Annointing with Oil during our Healing Services.