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Journey to Taizé: a Spiritual Journey for Young Adults June 26-July 10 2020  

This summer there will be a Diocesan pilgrimage to Taizé and Paris for young adults aged 18-35.  Taizé is a Christian community which attracts thousands of young people every week, from all around the world. You don't need to be Anglican to come, or even know what you believe - Taizé is a wonderful place for spiritual seekers!  Spend a week making friends with people from many different languages and cultures. Discover more about yourself, and explore what is most important to you. Meet a God of love and compassion in the beauty of silence and song.  Then spend 5 days with us in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world.  $2,400 if you register before January 24.  Register at: Journey to Taizé.  For more information check out our YouTube video.    

Parents & adults: if you've got spiritual young people in your life, help us spread the word over the Christmas holidays!  Going to Taizé can transform a young person's spiritual life, so help us make the invitation open.