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I'm New

Helpful information for your first visit

We want you to feel really welcome to come try us out one Sunday, so here's some information you might find helpful before your first visit.  There's additional information in the menu on the left.

Once you've given us a try, we'd really appreciate if you would share your first impressions with us.  You can do that here, and you get a free gift to thank you for your thoughts.


Sunday morning we offer dynamic Anglican worship, using contemporary language (BAS), and offering Holy Communion (the bread and the wine) each week. If you're new to the Anglican Church, you can read more about it over here.

The service lasts just over an hour. We project the entire service onto a screen, so there's no paper to pick up, or books to fuss with. We have three fantastic worship bands: two offering contemporary worship music and the other incorporating modern adaptations of traditional hymns. We don't have a dress code: people wear everything from casual clothing to ladies' hats to the traditional clothing of their own native cultures.

The sermons are about 10 minutes in length. Together with the "prayers of the people" they remind us that faith isn't just about what happens on Sundays. Faith is about how we live our daily lives and how we respond to the world around us.

In the middle of the service we share the Peace with one another: we shake hands and wish each other "peace" (in essence: "I wish you the very best"). You can read more about this ancient Christian practice here.

The offering comes after the Peace, when people make a gift of money to support the work of the Church. It is a voluntary, free-will offering, not some kind of "admission fee".

The high point of the service is Communion, which comes near the very end. Everyone is welcome at Communion. Click here if you're curious about what happens at Communion, and how to "do" it.

Following the service, we have coffee and tea in the Narthex (entrance way) and mingle as we make our way out the doors and into our lives of faith.