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“Behold: my servants sing for joy!” (Isaiah 65:14)  

Here we are friends: this is THE Sunday we’ve been preparing for for more than a year!  The Bishop is coming; Grady, Andrew and Wendy are being Confirmed; +Greg will formally welcome and acknowledge Anglicans from the World Wide Anglican Communion; and we’re having our Stampede Breakfast, to which we’ve invited the entire community.  Hallelujah!  Yahoo!   

A couple of practical notes for Sunday:  

1) Come earlier than you usually do.  It will be a crowded service, so I recommend coming a bit earlier to get that spot on the pew you particularly like.

2) Be friendly!  While the Hosts will be welcoming our guests and newcomers, it’s up to all of us to make St. George’s “a welcoming congregation”.  Make space on your pew; pass the Peace with strangers; invite them to come forward for Communion or a blessing if they seem unsure if they’re allowed; invite them to stay for the breakfast, etc.  - but you guys know this!  You’ll do great.

3) Bring a folding chair for the Breakfast if you can.

4) Bring your camera!  You are welcome to photograph any part of the service except the sermon and the Eucharist - and if you get any good shots, please send them to me! (Though kindly remember that photos of children under 18 - especially their faces and names - cannot be posted or shared without their parents’ or guardians’ permission.)

5) Be extra appreciative of all the work being done by our volunteers for the Stampede Breakfast - especially Ron Standish who has spent months (literally) getting it all organized!  

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday, my friends, and to celebrating with you.  

God bless,