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On Sunday, I witnessed a spectacular parade of Christmas trees and decorations streaming into the church to be given away to our refugee families.  Friends, it was so beautiful to see.  You touch my heart with your spirit of generosity.  You’ve rustled up two additional Christmas trees, for a total of 3 (one each for the Nuer households and one for the Bhatti family); the bag of donated ornaments on my office door is starting to bulge; and the front of Barbara’s desk is crowded with nativity scenes, door knockers and home decor.  But you know how it is with Christmas decorating: more is more! Bring your donations in this Sunday morning.  We’ll make a special presentation to the families and send them off with an early Christmas gift from all of us at St. George’s.    

However, friends, these families need something more than material gifts: the 5 young adults especially are eager to find work.  Because of the cultural differences and the racism they will face (yes, racism), they will hugely benefit from opportunities tailored for immigrants or refugees.  If you know of any program like this - employment programs, job search programs or volunteer opportunities geared towards refugees/immigrants - please let me know.  If you have contacts, that is even better.  Send me an email with as much detail as you’ve got:  Time’s a-ticking on their 1-year support from the government and no one - especially not they themselves - want them to end up on welfare.  Let’s pool our resources and community knowledge and contacts to see if we can’t improve their outcomes.  Thanks friends!  

God bless,