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This will be a year of learning at St. George’s.  Not only will we continue learning about how God is calling us ahead into revitalization and new ministry, we’ll be learning, reading and exploring in order to grow as disciples of Christ.  

With the ongoing support of Brian Way, we will be continuing on our journey of healing from our past hurts at St. George’s, so that we learn and grow into a new way of being together.  Brian Way will be familiar as one of our facilitators from our Healing Past Hurts event in May 2017.  This coming year, he will be facilitating two more events: on Saturday February 10, and Saturday April 14.   

For our Lenten Study this year, we will be studying the Book of Esther, from the Old Testament. This is a book of palace intrigues, power politics, swashbuckling heroism, treachery, danger and a beautiful Queen who puts herself at risk to save her people.  Wednesday evenings from February 21 – March 28 at 7pm.  

Parish Council will be undertaking a book study this year, too.  But we’ll share the details so that anyone can participate.      

The Discipleship Group invited us to consider offering an “ordinary time” study, for those who are looking to learn and grow in May/June/July.  This will be a great year to try something like this out.  On July 8, the Archbishop is coming for a service of confirmation (followed by a Stampede Breakfast!).  At that service, some folks from our congregation are going to be formally “received” into the Anglican Church.  Since there’s always more to learn about our Anglican tradition – there’s always more to fall in love with! – it might be a great opportunity for everyone who is interested in digging deeper into Anglicanism, whether you’re new to it, or old.  Who knows, you might learn something!  

I know that sounds like a lot.  But don’t feel you have to participate in everything.  We’re looking to build our church.  In a large church, as many of you know, there’s often more things going on than any one person can be involved in.  This is a good thing!  Just think about it this way: we’re making space for more folks to join in; exactly what we want to be doing.  

Here’s to a busy, exciting year ahead at St. George’s!

God bless,