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“Hear the supplications of your servant and of your people” (2 Chronicles 6:21a)

As part of the Healing Journey St. George’s is on, 21 people from the parish met with counsellor Brian Way on Saturday, February 10th to NAME the impact past hurtful history has had on individuals and the parish.  We did this by listening to each other’s stories around three questions: (1) What have I lost as a result of these events? (2) How has this affected the congregation as a whole? (3) What negative beliefs have developed? 
Brian has compiled the words and phrases developed as responses to these questions by the small groups which met.   The list of words and phrases is available for folks in the parish to pray for our healing and our new life.  During Lent you are invited to use these words and phrases as part of your personal prayer in two ways:  (1) Praying for repentance (“turning away from”) those aspects identified which appear contrary to the Gospel.  Particularly important in this regard are negative beliefs. (2) In addition to repentance, ask God’s grace to help us turn from those negative beliefs to the life God desires for us.  Pray for new beliefs to replace the ones which can interfere with us moving into new life.
Brian says, “I commend this to your prayer during Lent in preparation for the workshop on April 14th when we will focus on those new beliefs and changes in the context of the season of resurrection.”
If you would like a copy of the words and phrases, please email me (
Brian is offering small group healing as well as personal healing (counselling), funded in whole or in part by St. George’s.  Sign up by contacting Brian directly by email: or by phone: 403-648-0682.
God Bless