On Sunday, immediately after church, Michael and I hopped on a plane to attend Rev. Helen Dunn's installation as Vicar of Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver.  Helen was previously the Assistant Priest at our own Cathedral, and she's taken a number of services at St. George's over the past few years.  She's also one of my close personal friends.  Seeing her, happy and busy in getting to know her new congregation, I found myself filled with gratitude for the congregations that I've had the privilege of working with over the years - especially St. George's.  I get such joy and pleasure from working with you, and walking alongside you in your journey.  I am incredibly proud to be known as your priest - the priest of a congregation that is this resilient, this persevering, this determined to stay alive - and still has such heart, and such joy, and such deep faith.  I think about the service this past Sunday - we raised the roof with our singing!  This weekend I boasted about you often, when people asked me what church I work at now, and they said to me, "you obviously love it there!"  And it's true: I do.   

This weekend, I give thanks to God for this congregation.  I praise His holy name that you have survived all that you've lived through, and that He is calling us back to life and vitality and calling us to a vibrant mission.  And I give thanks to God for your willingness to walk this way with me.  Thank you for trusting me.  Thank you for being willing to try.  Thank you for valuing this congregation highly enough that you're willing to walk a challenging road, if it means a bright and vibrant future ahead of us.    

There is so much to be thankful for.  Thanks be to God!