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I was at home on the tread mill getting some exercise. The sun had just risen, and I could easily see the brown grassy lawn outside. As I continued my steady pace on the machine a bird on the lawn caught my attention. I thought, it’s a Robin, and stared hard at it as my feet kept moving forward. The bird turned and I saw its long-pointed beak, a grey headed Flicker. A smile spread across my face and I thought, how kind of the Lord to send a flicker to announce that Spring will come, and the robin shall appear, but not yet.  

We are living in a not yet time as we await the announcement that Covid-19 is decreasing. We are living in a not yet time as we enter into the last two weeks of Lent. A not yet time is a difficult time. Let us ask God for the strength we need to walk through this not yet time together.  

Bible reading: Psalm 143, a prayer of David during a not yet time as he waits for God’s help and loving intervention.