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Exciting News! The tiny bits of hail which were falling in our backyard have stopped. They seem to have provided some moisture for our beautiful Schubert choke cherry tree without causing damage. The tree, I rejoice to report, has awakened from a long winter’s nap. The branches which were hard and brittle are now supple and sap filled. As the branches dance in the breeze I can see unique small buds clinging at their ends. Each bud is gingerly beginning to open to reveal tightly wound green leaves inside. I look forward to the day when the sunshine will be sufficiently strong enough to warm the little buds so that they can push their protective coats aside and burst forth in their green summer garb.  

How blessed we are to have trees around us, resilient witnesses to the faithfulness and love of God as  expressed in Creation. I give praise to God with the American poet, Joyce Kilmer, who wrote in his poem “Trees” in February1913, “...only God can make a tree.”  

Bible Reading: Genesis 1:11-13;  Revelation 22:2