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I have just listened to the voice of a person who was born on 12 May 1820. The person is Florence Nightingale. On 30 July 1890 the Founder of Modern Nursing recorded a message on a wax cylinder endorsing the Light Brigade Relief Fund in support of the British veterans of the Crimean War. A clip from that recording has been made available in the Wikipedia article about the British social reformer, statistician, and trainer of nurses, Florence Nightingale.  

Following the Crimean War, 1853-1856, Florence Nightingale established the first secular nursing school in the world at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. Her approach to restricting the spread of disease through the practice of good hygiene has become a watch-word for us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her pioneer work in data visualization has become common place in our society; think of the transit maps which give us a visual display of the route being followed.  

As we remember the leadership of Florence Nightingale, especially in the area of nursing, let us pray to God for all the people involved in ministering to the sick in our hospitals and at home.  

Lord Jesus you have said that just as we have served one of the least of these who are members of your family, we have served you; look upon your servants who are called to nurse the sick and the suffering. Give them patience and fortitude, wisdom and love, and the grace and guidance of the Holy Spirit; that they may faithfully minister to those whom you shall send them, and be found worthy at the last to receive your eternal reward.         (The Prayer Manual, F.B.Macnutt)  

Bible Reading: Matthew 25: 1-40