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Do you know anyone whose name is Dunstan? Well this is their day, May 19. Today we remember Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, who died on this day in 988.  

Dunstan lived in England at a time when the country was in need of leaders. Both church and state were on their sick bed due to tribal fighting and invasion. Morals were at a low point and ignorance was the norm.  

As a young man Dunstan joined the monastery at Glastonbury. It was in very poor condition spiritually and educationally. With hard work and good modelling by Dunstan dramatic changes began to happen and Glastonbury monastery once more became a centre of learning. Eventually he was elected Abbot which brought him to the notice of the King. He was recruited to be the Royal Treasurer and in a few years he was appointed a Bishop, eventually becoming the Archbishop of Canterbury.  

Under Dunstan’s leadership the everyday life of both church and state in England changed for the better. He taught people the skills of peace, industry, and learning. Everyday morals improved as slavery and debauchery waned. During his time England enjoyed a period of peace and unity.

In times of great distress God sends women and men to lead the world forward on the right path way. Dunstan was one of God’s visionaries. Thank you Lord for your servant Dunstan.  

Bible Reading: Ecclesiasticus 44: 1-7 ( in the Apocrypha), or Matthew 7: 24-29