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As the weather begins to herald the approach of Summer and the leaves unfurl like green flags on the trees, I expect that some people begin to think of Football. Due to COVID19 we wonder if there will be a Season this year.  

I remember watching a Grey Cup game on TV some years ago. One team was struggling to move the ball up the field. Each time the ball carrier would end up under a pile of bodies. At the end of one play I watched the players get up from the pile and walk away. But, the last opposition player stopped, turned around, reached down, and gave the prostrate ball carrier a pat on the shoulder. Wow, I thought, a friendly act from an unexpected source. That is what God’s Kingdom looks like.  

Yes, COVID 19 may be blocking the Football Season; but, it can’t block the encouraging acts of social distancing that we witness when we are walking outdoors. Showing such care for others is what the Kingdom of God looks like.  

Bible Reading: Luke 17: 11-16