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Someone asked if the Anglican Church of Canada has designated any one a Saint. Even though there are worthies in our history I do not think that we have bestowed sainthood on them. But we have designated specific days on which we commemorate and remember them. Indeed today, as well as 30 May, are two of those days.

May 27 is the day on which we commemorate Archbishop John Charles Roper. Born in England he was priested in 1882 and moved to Canada in 1886 to become a Professor of Theology at Trinity College in Toronto. He became a Bishop in 1912 and later Archbishop of Ontario in 1933. He is remembered for being a person of deep and constant prayer.

May 30 is the day on which we remember Roberta Elizabeth Tilton. Born in Maine she and her husband moved to Ottawa in 1868 and joined the Anglican Church. She was a woman whose deep prayer life led her into organizing groups to support a wide range of good works, including the Women’s Auxiliary in 1885 which is now the ACW. At her funeral in 1925, the Bishop of Ottawa, John C. Roper, acknowledged that she was truly a servant of our Saviour Christ.

Let us remember these faithful followers of Jesus before God.

Bible Reading: Psalm 47; Micah 6:6-8; Luke 12:42-48