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I have just had a marvellous experience!

June is the month in which we have to renew our vehicle registration and get the sticker for the license plate. When I received the Notice from the Alberta Government I carefully put it away in a safe place. Yes, you guessed correctly! I cannot remember where that safe place is. After we had searched for three days we decided to go to AMA and present our current Vehicle Registration Form and see if they could help us.

Well, there are a lot of June renewals. The line stretched out the door and down the sidewalk. We took our place. The line inched its way forward observing physical distancing. The snail would have won if it had been a race! After about a half hour in the bright noonday sun we were at last inside the building. My wife was kindly offered a chair while I maintained our place in the line. Then a surprising thing happened.

The line Marshall came to my wife and said that the couple at the front of line, a father and daughter, wanted to let us go ahead of them. Wow, what a gift.

As we were leaving after purchasing our plate sticker we walked past the couple at the counter and exchanged thankful verbal handshakes. Their kind concern and act made our day.

Bible Reading: 1 Peter 4:10-11