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Have you ever had a Barnaby? A what?, you ask. Barnaby according to the 1964 Concise Oxford Dictionary means bright. Bright describes the character of the Saint we remember on June 11 which in Old Style reckoning was the longest day of the year. It is the day set aside for Joseph of Cyprus whose nickname was Barnabas because he was gifted with the spiritual ability of encouraging people in the their daily walk with Jesus.

Barnabas encouraged Paul by welcoming him and introducing him to the Jerusalem Christian community. He also encouraged John Mark to continue on when he felt discouraged, and as a result we are blessed with the Gospel according to Saint Mark.

Everyone needs a Barnabas in their life. Have you had the experience of giving someone a Barnaby? It is not difficult especially during this time of COVID19. When you say thank you for your receipt to the cashier in the store add a second thank you to them for their being there at work so that you are able to make your purchases; you’ll be surprised by the smile that brightens their eyes and face. Be a Barnabas and give someone a Barnaby today.

Thank you Lord for the encouraging witness to the Faith of your servant Saint Barnabas.

Bible Reading: Acts 4:36-37 and Acts 9:26---15:39