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My sympathy and prayers go out to members of St. George’s, and their neighbours, who suffered damage from the Hail Storm of the Century last Saturday. The north east part of Calgary looked like a “battle zone” was the way the news media described the devastation, outside and, in some cases, inside the houses.

I remember several decades ago being outside and hearing the buzzing of a single engine aircraft. The sky was filled with dark clouds so I could not see the plane. Later I learned it was seeding the clouds because there was the threat of hail and this preventative action was intended to save the farmers’ crops. We had some finger nail size hail, more like slushy clumps of snow, later that day.

The Bible refers to hail storms and I’ve listed some references below. Hail has been a damaging weather pattern for thousands of years. As we are able, let us help our neighbours recover from the disaster of June 13, 2020.

Bible Reading: Exodus 9:13-26; Job:38:22; Psalm 148:8