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It happened again! I hoped that it would but there have been times when I have been disappointed because it did not.

Outside my window there are two small areas of lawn that are brown patches of earth. For many years these areas were covered by green shrubs that had become over-grown and spread their branches covering the lawn and stopping the growth of the grass. Last year I removed the shrubs so that a workman would have easier access when replacing two wooden posts which hold up our balcony. Thus the brown areas became visible.

In May I was raking up some leaves and seeing the brown patches I took some grass seed and liberally scattered it on the earth. Now, about four weeks later, I see a lush green covering of new grass over an inch high! Wow, what a beautiful sight. It makes me think of an old hymn which you likely know, All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Let us rejoice and give thanks for springtime and harvest, and for all that the Lord God has made.

Bible Reading: Genesis 1: 9-13