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Today we remember the Voice in the Wilderness, St. John the Baptist.

John was the son of a humble Jewish priest, named Zacharias, and his wife, Elizabeth, who were persons of great piety and well along in years when John was born. Elizabeth was the Aunt of Mary of Nazareth, and so, John and Jesus were cousins. There are points in John’s character which are noteworthy.

1. His holy boldness: he earnestly called people of all walks of life to repent of their sins as the way to prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

2. His deep humility: he did not seek the applause of people but rather pointed to one who would soon come after him, whose shoes he was not good enough to untie.

3. His witness to and love for Jesus: he openly told his disciples that Jesus was the Lamb of God, knowing that they would likely leave him and follow Jesus. 4 His end: he died in a common prison, a sudden, violent, and cruel death.

St. John was a herald and an ambassador for his cousin, Jesus the Christ, and now he rejoices with Him in heaven.

Bible: Luke 1:5-80 and 3:1-19; John 1:19-37; Mark 6:14-29