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I have on my desk a lovely white stone on which are engraved the words, A cluttered desk is a sign of genius. I am not so sure that this message is true.

A truer message might read, a cluttered desk is a sign of a hoarder, of a procrastinator, of a sentimentalist, of one who lives in the moment, of a human being. Yet, it does require a person to be a genius to function in the midst of a cluttered desk. It takes extraordinary talent to be able to ignore piles of paper and countless To Do Lists covering a desk top, to focus on the immediate task at hand. Every so often it is necessary to stop and sort and re-cycle because the clutter is falling onto the floor and it is truly a bother to bend down and pick it up in order to see if it is the missing piece in the puzzle one is putting together. Ahh yes, the burden of being a genius.

Maybe, like me, you have a cluttered desk in your life. Maybe you and I would be wise geniuses to use some of our self-isolation time to file, recycle, and discard the clutter in our life so that we will be able to see and hear when the Saviour invites us to follow Him into new adventures of forgiveness and abundant life.

Bible Reading: Matthew 5:3; 9:9-13