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Have you looked at a Crow recently?  

There is a family of crows in the trees behind our home. Usually they decide to have choir practise in the early morning and late afternoon. A very distinctive sound which can drown out the traffic noise from the nearby busy street. Yes, hearing the crows sing can be a bit much!  

However, looking at a crow is a marvel to behold. As the crow sits on the fence with its back to me, the sunlight made it glow. My eyes were drawn to the feathers covering its head, neck, and shoulders. They appeared to have the softness of silk; a soft, smooth, sliding cascade of beautiful black feathers flowing down to wings pressed in at its sides.  

Even though their caw, caw, caw song may be a bit cacophonous to my ears—they are indeed a marvel to behold as they co-operate together to ensure their family is safe, and to give praise to the Creator of all.  

Bible reading: Psalm 147: 7-9,11.