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Imagine it is a dark cloudy night. The stars and moon shed a dim light on the freshly sown field below. If you look closely you might be able to see a figure in a long black cloak and mask quickly crisscrossing the field scattering seeds from a sling-like bag. The mysterious figure disappears into the distance. What’s going on?

Fast forward a month or so to a bright sunny day and you can see the owner of the field sitting in the shade of a tree when a hired hand comes running up, shouting, “Boss, Boss, bad news!” “Calm down son,” the owner says gently, “tell me what’s wrong.” “I was checking the field we sowed last month and the green shoots of grain are coming up, but so are a whole bunch of weeds. Didn’t you use good seed?” “Yes, I did sow good seed. My long time enemy has scattered weed seeds in my field. Here’s what we will do. We’ll leave the plants as they are and let them grow. At harvest time I’ll tell the harvesters to gather the weeds first and get rid of them, and then to gather the grain into the granary.”  

And so, in the world-wide field of reality we experience both good and bad, positive and negative, loving and unloving choices happening side by side. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen us in making good, positive, loving choices as we continue to grow into being children of the Kingdom of God.  

Bible Reading: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43.