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Are you prepared?

One thing that this current pandemic has done is to remind us that life is precious and fragile. The importance of telling those people who are close to us that we value, care for, and love them has hopefully become a priority in daily life.

Why? They know I love them.

Do they? When was the last time you said those three little words to them? When was the last time you sent them a note by Canada Post or by email expressing those thoughts?

Yesterday, today...Congratulations! You are a bridge builder, an essential participant in maintaining the social fabric of our world.

However, if like me you cringed a little at those questions and knew that you had not expressed your love for those close to you as often as you could have, do not despair. Set aside a little time today to send them a message of love and appreciation. In so doing, you will have taken a positive step in being prepared for whatever is ahead of you. And it will make their day, and yours, a happier one.

Bible Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a