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Are you prepared? Yes, this is the same question I posed on July 21. Today I want to explore it a little bit more.

So, here is a more difficult question with regard to being prepared; have you taken the necessary steps to ensure that your loved ones will continue to be blessed by your caring love should you experience a serious life ending disease or accident regardless of age?

I pray that you will not have this happen to you; but if you do, will your loved ones know what your wishes are regarding medical and spiritual care as you lose more and more of your physical capabilities to live a meaningful life? If they know, it will guide them in making the decisions that they are being asked to make on your behalf, an act of loving care for you, because they will know that they are fulfilling your wishes. Their final good-byes may be just a tiny bit easier as they pray that God will receive you into that blessed rest where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting with Jesus our Lord.

Bible Reading: John 14:1-6, 23, 27

Suggestion: discuss Alberta Health Services, Goals of Care Designation with family and Doctor