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Yesterday we thought about Love, today we focus on Hope. July 29 is the day on which we remember a person whose life expressed Christian hope. For over fifty years William Wilberforce served as a Member of the British Parliament working diligently to improve the lives of the oppressed and the enslaved throughout the World.  

Early in his life Wilberforce wrestled with how he could best serve Christ. At first he thought that he was being called to Holy Orders but then he realized that he was called to devote himself to politics. As a politician he served Christ by being an eloquent spokesman for Christian values and ethics. Even though the going was tough, Wilberforce believed that the love of Christ would prevail, and he continually hoped that change for the better would happen.  

One of the many pieces of legislation that Wilberforce championed was the Emancipation Act of 1833 which brought slavery to an end in the British Empire. It was passed a month after he died.  

Today we remember William Wilberforce, defender of the poor and voiceless, champion of those suffering from discrimination, a person filled with Christian Hope.  

Bible Reading: Hebrews 6:9-15