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Very early on Sunday morning as the sun was rising I had a visitor outside my window. Across the lawn came the small black squirrel that likes to climb and play in our trees. It quickly climbed the trunk and was soon springing from one fragile branch to another. Some springs were almost too short. Then the squirrel suddenly stopped and began giving its long tail a manicure so that the hairs were untangled and flowing. After it had finished, its springs were more precise and its runs along the thin branches more secure, a joy to behold.  

I was reminded that sometimes we may be too quick to begin our day without pausing first to unburden our self of the anxieties that have accumulated and which may be causing us to feel a little unbalanced. Like the squirrel we would be wise to pause. Then in prayer we can bring to our Lord whatever is troubling us and seek the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to make all our springs in the Lord so that our landings are safe and secure throughout the day.  

Bible Reading: Psalm 86:1-12; Psalm 87:7