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Today is a Holy Day set aside for us to ponder the Transfiguration of the Lord. What are we to learn from this event?  

The obvious lesson is that God affirmed who Jesus is. The change in Jesus’ appearance, as the three disciples watched, revealed his divinity. The voice from the bright cloud overhead affirmed the relationship between God Almighty and Jesus of Nazareth. The words spoken from the cloud remind us of the words spoken at the baptism of Jesus, thereby endorsing all that had happened, and was about to happen, in Jesus’ ministry. The appearance and conversation with Moses and Elijah identifies Jesus’ ministry as continuing that of the patriarchs and prophets of old. Through Jesus, God’s plan of salvation was moving forward. Therefore, we can confidently put our trust in Jesus and listen to him.  

The Transfiguration is an awe inspiring event to which our appropriate response is worship and thanksgiving.  

Bible Reading: Matthew 17:1-13