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Since early March many of us have been self-isolating to one degree or another in order to help prevent the spread of Covid 19. How have you used this gift of personal time?

Some learned to work from home thus cutting down on their daily commute time, others have engaged in a regular home exercise program which they have always wanted to do, digging up family ancestry has occupied many, delving into daily Bible reading and meditation has also become a focus, and you will know of other ways people have used this gift of time.

Since it looks like we will continue to be given this gift for several more months I would like to suggest that you consider writing a spiritual autobiography. Think back over the years and remember those times when you experienced a life-changing moment that you now realize has all the finger-prints of God at work. Write down what you remember. If you have trouble remembering ask God to help you remember the important part that God wants you to recall. As you do this you may discover that there have been many moments when the Holy Spirit nudged you forward. What you write will become your description of your life journey in faith, an affirmation that God Almighty loves you dearly.

Bible Reading: Psalm 78: 4,7