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On Sunday we read Matthew 20:1-16, the Parable of the Vineyard Workers, which is about a vineyard owner who was hiring workers on a daily basis to work in his vineyard. If you read only the story you might take away the message that “equal pay for equal work” is not a slogan Jesus endorsed. That is the danger in reading a Bible story out of context.

This parable is told in response to two questions, “what must I do to have eternal life?”, and “then who in the world can be saved?”

The vineyard workers who grumble against the owner reveal their lack of love for the owner who has given them the opportunity to work for a full day and receive a full day’s pay. Their lack of love for the owner is what the rich young man lacked in his life. He had worked hard to keep all the commandments of God, not because he loved God but because he wanted God to owe him. The vineyard owner(God) loves all the workers regardless of how long they have worked in the vineyard. God chooses to bless them all with a full day’s pay, eternal life!

Bible Reading: Matthew 19:16-30, and 20:1-16 with special attention to 19:16, 25, and 20:15