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My son has brought a new word to my attention, palindrome, which can be defined as a word, verse, or sentence that is the same when read backwards or forward. A sentence length palindrome ignores capitalization, punctuation, and word boundaries. Some examples of words are “mom” and “dad”. An example of sentence is “Madame, I’m Adam.” Now write that sentence backwards: (madam im adam) You got it!

I tried to create a palindrome and came up with: “Hahah Dad Hahah” (hahah dad hahah) OK, I agree not exactly brilliant! Now its your turn. However be forewarned, writing a palindrome can be frustrating if you do not approach it as fun brain exercise! Don’t take it seriously. Hint: before starting, think of someone you’d like to share your efforts with. This may help you to focus on the fun nature of this brain exercise rather than judging your efforts.

Here are a couple more palindromes to stimulate your brain: “Step on no pets”, “Do geese see God?”, “Was it a car or a cat I saw?”. Hope you end up laughing.

Bible Reading: Proverbs 15:13; 17:22