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What famous person was born in a stable? I expect that the person who comes to mind is Jesus of Nazareth whose birth we celebrate on December 25. Perhaps one of your favourite moments is to meditate while gazing at a beautiful Christmas creche which celebrates the coming of the Creator of all there is, seen and unseen, amongst us to show us not only what life earth is all about, but also to make it possible for us to have our sins, our unloving acts and thoughts, forgiven, washed away, that we may enter into an intimate relationship with God through the One who saves us. How wonderful is the message proclaimed in the Christmas creche!

Did you know that the person who is credited with creating the first Christmas creche was also born in a stable? The story is that a woman who was about to give birth in 1181 insisted on doing so in a stable. She gave birth to a son whom we know as Francis of Assisi, the reformer saint. On October 4, 1226, Francis entered into life eternal to be with our Lord Jesus whom he had grown to love more and more throughout his earthly life of 45 years.

In God’s plan a humble stable became a place of glory.

Bible Reading: Luke 2: 1-20