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As we enter into a season that some Health Advisors are describing as the expected “second wave” of COVID19, there is a second danger that threatens our social well-being beyond contracting the current disease. The danger can be described as hard heartedness. Its symptoms are a numbness and an inner iciness toward the misfortunes of others. This feeling might be brought on by the constant media reports regarding the devastation caused by COVID19. What are we to do?

A practical response is to reduce the amount of time we spend each day hearing and reading news reports. An equally important response is to pray. Here is a prayer composed by the 16th century Christian humanist, Ludovicus Vives, to help us get started.

O Lord, the Author and Persuader of peace, love, and good-will, soften our hard and steely hearts, warm our icy and frozen hearts, that we may wish well to one another, and may be the true disciples of Jesus Christ. And give us grace even now to begin to show forth that heavenly life, wherein there is no disagreement nor hatred, but peace and love on all hands, one towards another, as Jesus taught and showed us, in whose holy Name we pray. Amen. (Words in italics are mine.)

Bible Reading: Matthew 6:9-13