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One of the questions which a young person (someone younger than the questionnaire) is often asked goes like this, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The answer that is expected is an answer describing some profession, trade, or other money-earning activity. Interesting how we unintentionally or intentionally seek to guide a young person into setting their goal for the future.

Having a goal can help a person develope their God-given talents and have a rewarding life. Such a goal can be a blessing to the person and to other people. However if the goal is focussed only on an activity for the purpose of acquiring wealth and taking care of number one, then the more successful a person is in achieving that goal, the emptier their life often becomes.

Life becomes fuller when we discover that beyond satisfying our individual needs and wants by honing our talents, there is much more. To use our talents to the best of our ability is what our Creator expects of us. But, what brings joy to our Creator’s heart is to find us always ready to use our talents to answer the Call to serve others who are in need.

Bible Reading: Luke 12:35-48