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The other day I saw an object lying in the busy intersection near our home. There was a lull in the traffic and I was able to safely retrieve it before an unsuspecting vehicle hit it. It was an unopened two litre plastic bottle of water. Obviously it had been dropped unnoticed by its owner. What to do with it? I decided against taking it home and instead carefully stood it on a sheltered part of the sidewalk with the hope that some passerby who was thirsty would see it and have something to drink.

Maybe you have had the experience of providing a thirsty person living on the street with something to drink. Did you know that the Primate’s Fund (PWRDF) World of Gifts Christmas Brochure provides four different Gift selections for providing people in Kenya with clean drinking water? By making a donation to PWRDF to support one of these projects we are reaching out to our neighbours half-way around the world so that when they are thirsty they will have something to drink. You can find the Brochure at

Bible Reading: Matthew 25:35b