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If you are following the One Moment Please spots this week you can guess what the theme of this one is. Yes, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

At St. George’s we have been blessed by God with the opportunity to welcome strangers into our fellowship. People from many different Nations have found their way to St. George’s, both physically pre-Covid19, and virtually via Zoom during the pandemic. Besides a warm welcome, their needs and concerns have been lifted up in prayer to God by our dedicated prayer net-work.

At the same time members of the St. George’s parish family who live in various parts of Calgary have reached out to their neighbours in safe ways in order to dispel some of the feelings of loneliness and isolation that are the result of the pandemic restrictions. It is very easy to be a stranger in a city environment, regardless of how many years you have lived in a neighbourhood.

I am reminded that pre-covid19 some of my relatives were strangers to me because we are spread across the world. Happily the pandemic provided the stimuli to reach out to them via technology. Now we know each other better. Have you had the same privilege of welcoming a stranger?

Bible Reading: Matthew 25:35c