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Being of an age when one can look back and see ordinary moments which turned out to be of great significance is truly a blessing. One ordinary moment which stands out for me took place when I was in my last year of High School. My family moved to another Province, leaving me with a family to complete my year of schooling. It so happened I caught the flu and was confined to bed. Fortunately for me the Mother of the family was a nurse and I remember her bringing me hot lemon to drink. From then on I knew that if I ever married it would be to a nurse, and five years later it was so. I have indeed been richly blessed!

Caring for the sick is a ministry to which all of us are called whether the person in need is a family member or a stranger. To show compassion in caring for the sick is to continue the work of Christ in bringing healing to a broken world. It is not easy work, neither is it always appreciated; but, it
is witnessed by the Creator of all who says, “Well done good and faithful servant...enter into the joy of your master.”

Bible Reading: Matthew 25:36, 23.