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We come to the sixth and last action that the Judge will consider on the Day of Judgement, “I was in prison and you visited me.” The word prison conjures up pictures of concrete walls and floors with heavy metal doors and iron bars, cold and isolating, a place to avoid. It takes a special person to voluntarily go into these institutions in order to share the Good News that God’s love can strengthen the person who chooses to turn around and walk in God’s way. Volunteers and chaplains need our prayer support, as well as the staff and inmates in the prisons.

However there are other kinds of prisons in our society which are equally cold and isolating. November is Family Violence Prevention Month. The pandemic has made it more difficult for the abused to distance themselves and to seek help. Similarly, people suffering from mental health issues sometimes find the self-isolating and social distancing Rules for controlling the pandemic extremely detrimental to their well-being. Family violence and mental health issues are prisons that require our prayers and our creativeness in finding new ways for sharing the Good News.

Bible Reading: Matthew 25:31-40