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This week I have been thinking about the blessings which God has given us. Yesterday we remembered those men and women, through whose service, God has blessed us with freedom and peace. Today I will look at how in the midst of this world wide pandemic God’s blessings are still present.

Prior to March I had not heard of ZOOM. Since then I have been blessed by God by using this technology. During the past 8 months I have had the joy of seeing and speaking with members of my family across Canada and around the world. Some of the family I had not seen in years and some I had not met before. The ease of using Zoom made it possible for us to share one another’s concerns and hopes. This was a blessing.

Similarly Zoom has made it possible for me to attend Sunday Worship at not only St. George’s but also at other churches, often doing both on a Sunday morning. Yes, participation in two Services in a morning has been a blessing which was not possible before the pandemic because of the need to travel physically from one place to another. In taking advantage of this possibility I have been able to see familiar faces and worship with different groups of people.

The pandemic is a real challenge but we believe that God is with us as we go through this difficult time and will continue to bless us. Alleluia!

Bible Reading: Isaiah 41:10