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Today I would like to remind all of us that we are living in a battle zone. COVID19 continues to prowl about looking for prey. It will take a serious effort on the part of everyone to slow down the spread of the pandemic as we await the arrival next year of a safe effective vaccine. In following the Public Health Protocols we are not only caring for ourselves but we are also caring for our neighbours.

We are caring for the front-line workers in our hospitals and ICUs who are being stretched thinner and thinner as fatigue and infection take their toll. Wearing our mask in public spaces and avoiding gatherings beyond those with whom we live day by day, can help to lessen the burden being placed on our dedicated front-line workers.

It is a joy when I am in the grocery store to see the wonderful variety of masks that people have acquired and are wearing. I have noticed that shopping has slowed down a tiny bit as people pause and wait so that social distancing can be honoured. We are adapting and learning how to care for our neighbour as Jesus has taught us to do. God bless you.

Bible Reading: Matthew 22:34-40