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What are you passionate about? Our passions may change throughout life but some will be constant. These passions, we could say, are the foundation on which we build our daily life.

One of my foundational passions is a desire to help other people. This is what led me into becoming a Minister. From first hand observation of the lives of my father and grand-father I could see the endless variety of needs that people shared with them and which they responded to in a multitude of ways depending on the circumstances. As I look back over my life experiences I am thankful that my ancestors’ examples encouraged me to follow my foundational passion of helping others as I am able.

Thankfully this is also the passion of the person with whom I have walked for almost four decades, Jesus the Christ, who taught me to love my neighbour as I love myself. Do you know what your foundational passion is ?

Bible Reading: Matthew 19:16-30