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“Love your neighbour as yourself.” Do we?

We are entering a time of further restrictions on our daily activities due to COVID19. This is especially daunting for those small businesses which are facing reduced business hours and indeed complete shut-down. Unfortunately many business expenses do not stop when the store sign says, “Closed due to the pandemic”. How do we love our neighbourhood stores?

We can express our neighbourly love by ordering curb-side pick-up or take out from those who offer it. We can remember to give the seller a gratuity for the service provided. We can shop on- line for essentials beginning with the shops in our neighbourhood which have goods advertised. Maybe we could put a cheque in an encouragement card and mail it to our favourite neighbourhood shop to help them with their ongoing expenses. Let us put our thinking caps on and be creative.

This pandemic is challenging each of us to explore new ways to “love your neighbour as yourself”.

Bible Reading: Luke 10:27-37