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In mid-March 2020 the leaders of our church decided to discontinue in-person Church Services and gatherings. Since then we have continued to have a full schedule of Sunday and week-day Services, Bible Study groups, group support gatherings, committee meetings, etc. all held on-line using the Internet and the telephone. We chose to use Zoom because it gave us the opportunity to see, converse, and pray with one another. Each Sunday our Worship Service has begun with an acknowledgement of our current situation and our hope for the future.

“Our Father in heaven, you know our desire to gather together and the reason why we are physically unable to do so. Scripture teaches us that you are present with us at all times and in all places. Today, we, who are in many places, come together using the technology you have blessed us with, to offer our Thanksgivings and Petitions as individuals, who, united through Holy Baptism, are one in the mystical Body of Christ; and now we join together in praying,....”

I give thanks to God for our wise leaders who followed the path which opened before us in mid- March.