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If you look up December 10 in The Calendar of the Book of Alternative Services you will see that it is vacant. However today is a significant day. On December 10, 1948, Canada was one of 48 Counties which voted in the United Nations General Assembly meeting in Paris to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration can be read at

An article describing Canada’s participation in the passing of this Declaration can be accessed at

written by Professor William A. Schabas, Professor of Law and Chair, Dipartement des sciences juridiques, Universit6 du Qu6bec h Montrdal and published in 1998 in the McGill Law Journal.

The Declaration was one of the positive actions which came about after World War II. It lists what we call universal human rights and has been translated into nearly all the languages of the world. The Declaration identifies principles which have guided many countries in passing laws to protect their people against abuse and ensure their basic freedoms. However there is still much work to be done before the Declaration will truly be universal.

Let us pray for our leaders in Canada that they may continue the good work begun 72 years ago.

Bible Reading: Genesis 1: 26-31