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I’m dreaming of a Novel Christmas, when family gather on the Net, to wish each other a safe and blessed Yuletide, as we await the promised vaccine. Where people wearing masks and observing social distancing keep the corona virus far away. When I and my Cohort thank each other for sneezing in their elbow and washing hands, before the board game, we gather to play. Yes, it will be a Novel Christmas this Year, and not only in my dreams!

It is also a hope-filled holiday for we have been promised that a safe and effective vaccine is on its way. By this time in 2021 all Canadians who are willing to receive it will hopefully be successfully protected by their vaccination and able to dream of an olde fashioned Christmas, when in person and together, they can celebrate the Saviour’s Birth.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth, goodwill among people!”

Bible Reading: Luke 2: 8-14 [New Living Translation]