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This week we have focussed on participating in the battle to defeat COVID19. We thought about this year’s Novel Christmas, and the invitation to join other Canadians in receiving the Health Canada approved vaccine. As the number of vaccinated people grows, so does our opportunity to work together building a better tomorrow for everyone.

How do we focus our thoughts to build a better tomorrow? Motivation will play a great part in what happens across our Nation. Part of Motivation is developing in ourself positive and caring habits. Habits such as bringing before our Leaders the challenges to assist the discriminated against, the poorly housed and destitute, the under-paid and the jobless; so that laws and regulations are passed to bring about positive and healthy changes in the society of tomorrow. Another habit is remaining in contact with the shut-ins, lonely, and depressed individuals whom we have reached out to during this pandemic. A third habit is to think local when making purchases, thereby caring for Creation and our neighbour.

Good habits motivate us to put the needs of others on the same platform as our own needs. We will then do the right thing consistently, building a better tomorrow for all. God bless us in developing habits which will support God’s reign on earth as in heaven.

Bible Reading: Luke 1:46-55, 2:25-33