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Ready for your New Year’s Quiz? Don’t worry, this is just for fun! If you are old enough to remember the morning routine at School of saying the Lord’s Prayer together you have an edge.

In which Gospels does Jesus teach the prayer we call the Lord’s Prayer? Is the wording of the Lord’s Prayer always the same?
How many Petitions are in the Lord’s Prayer?
Does the Lord’s Prayer always end with the doxology?

Matthew and Luke. No. A total of 7. No. The doxology is the closing statement: “For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.” This liturgical addition, which is not in the Bible, is first found in the Didache which is dated between A.D.100-160.

You’ll note in your comparison of the two renditions that Matthew includes Petitions concerning the Father’s will being done on earth and a request that we be delivered from evil. Luke does not mention these.

I hope you had fun with our New Year’s Quiz. If its any consolation, I had to look up the answers.

Bible Reading: Matthew 6: 9-13, Luke 11: 2-4