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This is day 8 of our Lenten journey. We have been reflecting this week on the temptation to give up. Bishops Polycarp, Tsen, and Sasaki are all people who would not give up their private and public walk with Jesus Christ. The temptation to give up on God comes to us as well.

One way is when we have been praying for some time and God seems to be deaf. The temptation is to shrug our shoulders and give up. Jesus encourages us not to do this, but instead to continue asking, looking, and knocking. God is not deaf, but like a loving parent God hears our request and knowing what is best for our well-being, decides how and when to answer our prayer. When you find yourself in a moment where you are about to give up on God stop and recall a Bible story you know of when God answered a person’s prayer, and then think about a time past when God answered one of your prayers. Now focus on God’s love for you, pray for insight into your situation and for faith to place it in God’s loving hands. Remember to thank Jesus for receiving your prayer and then go forth with Him into the day.

Bible Reading: Matthew 7:7-11, 13-14; 8:5-13; 14:13-21