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The opportunity for people 75 years and older to make an appointment to receive a vaccination against COVID19 has been widely taken up in Alberta. It is a step forward in the battle to defeat this disease and to stop its harmful spread. We give thanks to God for the dedicated work of those health professionals involved in the inoculation program and for the scientists and technicians who have developed the various vaccines.

However it is important to remember that the pandemic has not ended. Public Health Protocols continue to be in place and we are to follow them as we seek to care for our neighbours. We do not know who has and who has not been vaccinated when we walk along a street or enter a business. COVID19 and its variants continue to be on the prowl for new recipients.

Let us continue to be vigilant so that together we may reach the goal of celebrating the end of this deadly pandemic. This is the time to persevere and to not grow weary of doing good.

Bible Reading: Galatians 6:9-10