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We are now in the Church Season of Easter. It is a time for meditating on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is an insightful article on the internet at the online Version of The Niagara Anglican by Dr. John Bowen, retired Professor from Wycliffe College, in which he summarizes six ways of thinking about the resurrection. I commend the article to you.

This past Sunday we heard the story of Thomas the Twin from the Gospel of John. His honest questioning of the other disciples’ experience of meeting the Risen Jesus on the first Easter Day unfortunately has tagged him as “the Doubter”. Actually Thomas’ reaction was no different than that of the other disciples who questioned the women’s report of the tomb being empty. On Sunday we heard how Thomas reacted when he encountered the Risen Lord. Following his meeting with the Lord, Thomas left Jerusalem on a missionary journey which took him to India where the Saint Thomas Christians grew out of his vibrant apostolic witness to Jesus Christ and his own death as a martyr.

As we meditate on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ let us ask God to strengthen our faith by helping us recognize the loving actions of our Lord Jesus in our daily life.

Bible Reading: Luke 24:1-11, John 20:19-31