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How is your walk with Christ? Are you feeling a little down, missing the opportunities to be physically present with other Christians because of COVID19 and its Variants, wondering what the future holds? If your walk with Jesus is missing some of its usual spring in your step, here is a reassuring word.

Jesus prays for you! One of the Bible Readings for today gives an account of Jesus’ prayer at the end of the Last Supper. He talks with the Father and commends the disciples to God’s protection and care. Then, Jesus prays “for all who will ever believe in [him] because of [the disciples] testimony.” Jesus prays that you and I “will understand that [the Father] loves us as much as [the Father] loves [Jesus].” (I have used the New Living Translation and changed the [pronouns] to identify whom Jesus is referring to.)

Wow! A few hours before his betrayal, crucifixion, death, and resurrection, Jesus lifted you and me up to our Father in heaven. Our Risen Lord continues to pray for us; Hebrews 7:25 says, “He lives forever to plead with God on behalf of everyone who comes to God through him.” Through the Holy Spirit we are strengthened in our daily walk with Christ. Thanks be to God!

Bible Reading: 1 John 5:14-15, Ephesians 1:14